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[Read: Stages of love for men] You may be passionately in love for the first few months with your partner, but mature love is very different from the passionate fiery love you experience at the beginning of a relationship.

So when you experience the same fiery passion with someone else, it’s easy to experience both stages of love at once.

You fall in love with different people in different ways.

And at times, you end up feeling romantically excited towards two different people at the same time.

What would you do if your partner wants to get even and tries to have a sexual relationship with someone else just to satiate their bruised ego? In most cases, the best possible way to deal with falling in love with two people would be to break away from one relationship and live happily with the other.

# Morally unethical When you share your bed with two lovers, it’s not something that’s morally accepted. I have a friend who’s immigrated to the United States from a little community in Tibet where polyandry (a woman has multiple husbands) is actively practiced. And if it’s just a little crush we’re talking about, then perhaps, you don’t need to confuse yourself over your emotions.

Don’t compare your lovers Most people who fall in love with someone new start comparing their new flame to their older lover.

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