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------------------------- it would be good to download a single file up to 12.5MB/s (100Mb/s) instead of multiple files at once to max out our connection hey.. I can't remember the actual technical reason, but I think unless the server is very close to you and has the capacity, it is just not possible to get 100Mbps on a single thread.

Next you will be wanting to max out one of the 1000Mbps services they have in some homes in Japan. I figured out that the bottleneck in my setup is the WAN port of my N1 vision, which is supposed to be gigabit, but seems to limit my DL speed to around 60mbps. DOWN POWER S/N RATIO -----------------------Channel 1: -4.7 d Bmv 37.4 d Bmv Channel 2: -4.8 d Bmv 37.7 d Bmv Channel 3: -5.2 d Bmv 37.5 d Bmv Channel 4: -6.5 d Bmv 37.4 d Bmv Channel 5: -7.7 d Bmv 37.2 d Bmv Channel 6: -7.5 d Bmv 37.5 d Bmv Channel 7: -6.9 d Bmv 37.7 d Bmv Channel 8: -6.1 d Bmv 37.6 d Bmv UP POWER ---------------------Channel 1: 41.0 d Bmv Channel 2: 0.0 d Bmv Channel 3: 0.0 d Bmv Channel 4: 0.0 d Bmv Thanks! try a different computer/device See how you go then -- Thanks Jay.

Speedtest sites provides me with a variety of results.

Hardly, it will just show you how slow the servers that are used are – no indication of how websites will perform.

When i was living in Germany i was on 100Mbit (which was probably limited by the 100Mbit ethernet i was connected through) and i couldn't find a server on to reflect how fast my internet was even though hosts like RS and Megaupload did max out my connection.

Spoke to "Tech Support" who advised plan change doesn't take effect until midnight, which i find out as it shows on My Bigpond as 50gb.

(prev plan 25gb and was nowhere near the limit) Will try again tonight Depending on how far away the laptop is and if you're using the Cisco's wireless or your own wireless N router, you should be getting way more than that over wireless.

Once home today I will post the tests I did last week (wired and Wireless) and compare to those I get tonight.

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