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The tribal council forced Slaine to let Moloch go, hoping he would fulfill his promise of keeping the Fomorians out of Ireland; instead, he deliberately returned to rape and murder Niamh.Wanting vengeance, Slaine abdicated the throne to go to Albion and kill Moloch, which he succeeded in doing.

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Sláine's feat of crossing a raging river to visit her, weighed down by a heavy stone to prevent him from being swept away, is taken from an episode of the Táin.

Niamh is a popular Irish girl's name, and is also the name of a fairy queen from the Fenian Cycle.

He has the power of the "warp spasm", based on the ríastrad or body-distorting battle frenzy of the Irish hero Cú Chulainn, in which earth power "warps" through his body, turning him into a terrifying, monstrously powerful figure. At the start of the series Sláine was a wanderer, banished from his tribe, the Sessair.

He explored the Land of the Young (Irish Tír na nÓg) in the company of an unscrupulous dwarf called Ukko (Finnish for "old man", and the name of the Finnish Thunder god), fighting monsters and mercenaries in the fantasy tradition.

The Horned God, Carnun, is adapted from the Gaulish antlered deity Cernunnos.

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