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Emmanuelle Reungoat from the University of Montpellier believes that Le Pen, Wilders and Petry want to capitalize on each other's popularity.

Claire Demesmay from the German Council on Foreign Relations adds, "for these parties, it is very important to show that they have international partners." It is obvious that not everyone is enthusiastic about the gathering. The Social Democrat (SPD) mayor Joachim Hofmann-Göttig said, "The right-wing populists are cordially unwelcome." Yet legally, he could not prevent the populists from renting the Rhein-Mosel-Halle conference hall.

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He is a member of European Parliament for the Af D and as a lone MEP joined the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) parliamentary group, whose driving force is the National Front.

Pretzell's only party colleague in Strasbourg, Beatrix von Storch, is a member of Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFD), which is mostly run by Britain's UKIP and the Italian Five Star Movement.

The timing of his remarks was particularly provocative.

() The party's policy paper outlines its opposition to schools educating children on sexual diversity.

DW guest columnist Krsto Lazarevic warns we've grown used to ubiquitous hatred. The former co-head of the far-right Af D has kicked off her "Blue party" and its corresponding civil forum the "Blue Change." Although Petry's promises an alternative to the Af D, their platforms sing a very similar tune.

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