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A lot of people complain about not charging entry fees, but certain parks do it’s all a part of the strategy of the park and what the requirements are to pass it.I definitely recommend it, and I’m so glad that after years of searching I’ve found it in a nice modernized version.

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RCT Classic includes a mixture of authentic playability, depth of gameplay and unique graphical style of Chris Sawyer’s original best-selling Roller Coaster Tycoon® PC Games, now enhanced for handheld devices.

Packed with content, players can enjoy designing and building roller coasters and rides, landscaping parks and managing the staff and finances to keep their guests happy and the money flowing in. PLEASE NOTE: Additional content for Roller Coaster Tycoon® Classic is available via In-App Purchase, specifically the three expansion packs: Wacky Worlds, Time Twister and Toolkit.

If you grew up playing this game you’ll love its return! There are so many parks to complete it will definitely provide me with fun for a long time.

I’ve never bought an app before, but I couldn’t resist this. I’ve already completed several parks and haven’t noticed any bugs or glitches.

I played this game on PC so much when I was younger.

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