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Sarah Nunn and Rosie Ablewhite, 29, present a mystery for researchers looking to identify genetic and environmental interactions that form sexuality because Sarah is attracted to men while Rosie is attracted to women.

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Scientists searching for the root of human sexuality studied identical twins, one of them straight and the other a lesbian, who grew up in the same environment.

These catalogs represent a period of politically sanctioned Nazi looting of art during World War II and provide an indispensable resource for provenance research.

The Sale Descriptions section of the Getty Provenance Index Databases now contains bibliographic information on more than 3,000 German Sales Catalogs published between 19, including locations for hand-annotated copies that may not have been considered for digitization.

The study found that 'doggy style' sex is the most dangerous, with 41 per cent of cases of penile fracture occurring as a result of using the position.

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