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)The song in the begining is ''Kyoudai''The two songs in Edward's story is ''Stepping Along'' and ''Lullaby of Resembool''The two songs in Envy's story is 'Kyoudai'', ''Lapis Philosophorum'' and ''Happiness - Requiem from the Blind Alchemist'' The song in the end is ''Period''They are all Fullmetal Alchemist OST Fullmetal alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa Please tell me if something is wrong with the game like: It's not loading, the pages don't change when you press the button or something like that I will see what I can do! You were proud of yourself as you stood by the window and looked out over the streets of East city.

Please comment and tell me what you think (but please be nice, no rude comments )Enjoy! (If you had patient enough to read all this, thank you! It was past breakfast but even so there was a lot going on out there. There was no point in standing there in your flour and chocolate stained clothes, you changed to a pair of black pants and a _______ colored top. maybe it did..."Hey, How you doing __ (nickname) __?

Al realizes that they must have come from another world and it has to be the portal to where Ed is.

Al uses Soul Transmutation to transfer part of his soul into a suit of armor, that coincidentally looks like the one he wore in the series.

Upon appearing in Reole, they are quickly dispatched by Al in his original body and Lt.

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