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A good rule is to treat the other person’s comings and goings, and their conversations, as if you don’t see or hear them.That doesn’t mean you have to pretend she’s not there at all — it’s just about giving her privacy to carry out her work and any personal matters without being peppered with questions. ” Normally I’d suggest that you first coach Jane to address this herself, but it sounds like this employee needs significant enough coaching that it makes sense for you to take it on. I’m in trouble for not cooking for a coworker who’s about to have a baby My manager asked the 25 people in our department if we’d be willing to cook meals for a coworker who is about to have their first child.Unless your manager is known for giving people the silent treatment over petty slights and then recovering quickly, I’d address it head-on: “I might be misinterpreting, but you’ve seemed unhappy with me since I mentioned that I wouldn’t be able to cook a meal for Jane, although I could contribute in other ways. I was told by the hiring manager that they would be interviewing candidates the rest of this week and next, and that they would circle back after the holidays for in-person interviews.

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) Stick with the normal interview thank-you, and leave it at that. I want to stop networking with a vendor Last year, I was at a job where I managed hiring a vendor for skills we didn’t have in-house.

After we made a decision, I informed the rejected vendors and one of them asked me to lunch.

I imagined addressing it to the department as a whole, as opposed to one person. It’s going to come across as trying to curry favor.

(You wouldn’t be sending them a holiday card if you weren’t currently being considered for a job there, right?

I’m afraid this could lead to the seasoned employee quitting in the long run.

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