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The Sudetic path fits the Baltica Apparent Polar Wander Path (Torsvik & Smethurst 1994) during the Devonian and Carboniferous times.

During the Permo-Carboniferous, it shifts slightly to the East and returns to the Baltica one during the Middle Permian.

The Palaeozoic components of NRM are carried mainly by magnetite of several generations formed during several serpentinization episodes.

Permo-Carboniferous component (A1) present overall the Sudetes was isolated in one JGSM and two GSB exposures, whereas the Late Devonian–Early Carboniferous component (A2) was found in two exposures from the GSB.

During the Late Silurian–Early Devonian times, they were situated in proximity of the southern margin of Baltica, in palaeolatitudes of 20°–30°S.

Final suturing and consolidation of ATA as well as rotation of the Bohemian Massif to its present orientation and closure of the Saxo-Thuringian basin had occurred by Late Devonian times (or Early Carboniferous, according to Winchester 2002).

The newly determined group of Palaeozoic directions (A3) was found in three localities from JGSM and in two from GSB is interpreted as the oldest overprint.

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