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He tries to convince Emma that her parents are in grave danger. It means Emma would have to give up the life she has now. If they don’t, she fears punishment will be taken on their unborn child. She introduces her son to Hook, calling him Killian. David says no one remembers what’s occurred over the past year.

Emma has lost all her real memories so she has no idea what Hook talking about. As the group heads off to the castle, Belle lets Neal know that she believes they can get Rumplestiltskin back. Emma gets one last thing out of the closet before they leave. A short time later, the three of them are back in Storybrooke. A lot has happened though as evidenced by the fact that Mary Margaret is pregnant. The mystery lady with green hands has her monster drop the blood into a vial. Then we see the full image of this green-skinned witch.

Maybe her “superpower” sense was vaguely tingling, since literally every moment with Walsh was technically a lie? Emma, back in Present-Day New York City, had put on the most unfortunate pants.

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Well they’re having a replacement baby anyway so probably they were like “Eh, she’s got her best chance or whatever let’s get caught up on Game of Thrones instead.”Aside from not understanding how the Charmings could get back to Storybrooke and still not bother looking up Emma when Hook was out there fighting the fight to restore her memory, I did love the little bow on Snow’s maternity dress. Good things happened: I’m super glad everyone is back in Storybrooke.

After months of promising us a look at the Wicked Witch, we got a blink-and-you’d miss it shot of her. It’s fantastic that Emma’s memory has been restored so quickly.

Emma went home and played video games with Henry, who had a truly flattering new haircut. And news had reached Snow that the Queen was missing! It would've been a poetic enough device even without the knowledge that this is exactly the same mistake Regina's mom made, but the fact she went off and did it without telling anyone is so poignant it hurts.

While talking about bringing a new dad into the family unit, Henry talked some SMACK on Neal, a moment that was on one hand very sad for Henry (that he’d lost all memory of his dad) on the other FINALLY SOMEONE TALKING ABOUT NEAL ON THIS SHOW WAS MAKING SENSE. Snow and her hyper-shaped eyebrows tore off into the woods to find Regina on her knees, digging about in the forest floor! What a devastating way to remind us of how completely isolated Regina still is, and how much she sacrificed by leaving her family, and how much it bothers her.

It’s an interesting shift in dynamic that she will now be trying to convince Henry that all this stuff is real. At what point do you think Henry will regain his memories, and will it involve a kiss on the forehead from Regina?

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