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For some time I have been meaning to post about Share Point Workspace 2010.

This application was introduced as part of Office 2010, though it is partly based on the older Office Groove software. I re-opened the document in Word by double-clicking and hit save. I am so conditioned to this kind of rigmarole that I rarely try this now. One is that the ability to get at your Share Point documents offline, and to have a kind of additional backup, really is a huge feature, and I prefer one that works badly than to be completely without it.

In Groove 2007, the Share Point Files tools can be used to take Sharepoint 2007 document libraries offline.

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If you attempt to create a new Share Point workspace that would exceed 1800 documents across your Share Point workspaces, a warning message appears to inform you that only document properties will be downloaded to the workspace.

(This is generally true for any case of running Office applications of two versions; they must be set up in release order.) Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Technet Web site.

Groove also allows sending instant messages to peers.

All session and user information is stored by the Groove client at client side.

First, open the Share Point workspace Launchbar: Then double-click Home to open my actual Workspace: The workspace is Explorer-like, but it is not Explorer. Microsoft should have made this just another folder in Explorer, that works online and offline, and synchronises when connected. Additionally, Share Point Workspace will stop synchronizing any shared folder that exceeds the following limits: More than 5000 files or a set of files that exceeds 2 GB in total size. For example, I would like a global setting that said: Synchronize all documents that changed in the last 90 days, plus others I individually specify. You can connect or disconnect entire libraries, otherwise you can manually set a document to download headers only by right-clicking and choosing Discard local copy. In particular, it is rather bad at its primary function, synching offline changes. Then I have to navigate back down to the location where I want it and click Save.

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