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Donors provided the funding for the purchase, which is highest ever paid for a manuscript.The printer's manuscript is a handwritten copy of the original manuscript.

Together we can avoid social mishaps and the proverbial foot in the mouth. What not to say (these are well-known, but worth repeating): I can’t believe your missionary is coming home. We tend to comment on appearance or future expectations, “You’ve grown so much! ” I’ve warned my kids people will inevitably talk about their height and school.

They simply need to accept those comments in this stage of life.

I hope to leave everyone feeling a little happier and a little better (not running from me in the halls at church).

Perhaps we can create a syllabus for ‘Polite Conversation 101.’ I’ll share my meager knowledge and you can add yours in the comments. Most of these comments simply translate into, “I’m aware of you and I’m interested in your life.” Our ward members simply want to connect and often don’t know how.

But while I’m working on those qualities, I also want to avoid hurting others.

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