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It's found all over the world in semi-tropical areas but originates from Asia and Africa. I sort of understand what it must be like to face such senseless discrimination. I'm on this topic today because our federal government (recently elected and right wing) is threatening to undo the same-sex marriage law. FOLSOM STREET FAIR 2009 THANK YOU for all the cool men and beautiful women who let me take their photos! ============================NOTE: MY photos are NOT to be used or reproduced, COPIED, BLOGGED, USED in any way shape or form.

This particular specimen - nicely twinned - was photographed by flash in the shadier realms of the beautifully extravagant Botanical Garden of the Stellenbosch University in South Africa. We have today, in too many parts of North America, a culture that says... This is just the latest in a string of reversals that's included: - killing the nearly-enacted bill that would've decriminalized marijuana- killing an agreement with aboriginal people that would've finally begun addressing the deplorable conditions many of them live in- reversing the country's commitment to do its part to address climate change, and- killing a multi-year agreement with the provinces that would've made child care somewhat more affordable and accessible. I mean, everyone knows mommies should stay home with their babies while daddies work. Understand clearly these are my photographs and use of them by anyone is an infringement of my copyrights and personal artistic property! Use without permission is illegal*************************************** ***********NOTE: Viewers should be aware that these photos are viewed by a wide variety of folks and inappropriate X & R rated & RUDE comments shall be removed forthwith She hadn't thought about this moment yet, had no expectations.

Please note: all thumbs were copied with permission from the licence owners.

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I think most girls are really pressured by society today to take all the hair off and that's pretty unfortunate. Kinda had that feeling before this post, but now I know your a bigot too... Yeah, european women have a certain reputation for the natural look.

I find a girl who keeps it natural a huge turn on and hope there are women out there that feel the same way. What did she say to make you accuse her of being a bigot ? I like a bush also, or a neat trim (landing strip and so on), but not the shaved pvssy.

As it was developed in 1922, the grounds were thoroughly reworked. Just because a man may be in a love with another man, that doesn't mean he's uncontrollably flinging himself at every damned man who walks through the door. while most other forms of organized hate and discrimination are frowned upon... Climate change is just a bunch of made-up garbage; after all, those scientists are all a bunch of liberals. notwithstanding the fact that white people stole their land, stuck them on reserves, legislated away their rights and tore a whole generation of children away from their families and communities... We can't deport them 'cause they're from here (darnit anyway). I guess I should just be glad that G and her One True Love are already married... But the look of panic on Rena's face leaves her utterly at a loss. " she whispers instead, gaze dropping down to the boy from over Forge's arm. She was following as Forge burst through the door, a leap and a scramble over that damn sneeze guard, the gun yanked from the waist band of her pants and pointed at the hairy dude.

As usual in cases like this, the edges of the garden were disturbed areas to which relatively little attention was given; they were thus especially conducive to the Commelina. Notwithstanding that, "those people" are just lazy; they just need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. well, we all know it's FAR more harmful than booze, which government not only endorses but shamelessly profits from. just look at all the domestic strife, and public brawls, and armed standoffs, and traffic carnage caused by those crazed, violent potheads. But we sure as hell owe it to the citizenry to make sure they're denied the most fundamental of human rights... I'm sorry if this is a downer but I'm sick at heart for my country today. Rena was moving as he was, sweeping Conor up in her arm and fairly tossing him over the counter. "Get us out the back NOW," screamed at him as the few patrons in the pizza place began to scramble. Conor leaned forward further, nose all but smooshed against the sneeze-guard as he watched. His name on Guin's lips was unmistakable though, he was already wheeling around with a grin when Rena lifted him.

I've never grown poppies before but expect to see more this summer as they grow and change.

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