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It is part of a series of stories supposedly describing true case studies investigated by Dr. I will be glad to forward any comments about this story to Dr.

Traven is not pulling my leg, but I'll let judge for yourself.

I may post more in the Taboo series depending on Dr. ** "Oedipus was blinded because the light of truth was too much to bare" - B.

Traven "[A] Mother/son [relationship] is the one relationship-type where both parties get exactly what they need from the other party and the relationship, and the power status between the parties is the most equitable." - Dr. Boswell, Institute of Advanced Sexual Studies "Live it up like a motherfucker." - Ted Nugent "Son: Mom, I think I have an Oedipus Complex.

As an adult when they finally became sexually active, it was like a dam had burst with a release of sexual tension.

They both wondered whether this sexual tension always existed between a mother and son that rarely got realized.

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