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The Turkish president has called the Netherlands “the capital of fascism” and has accused Germany of “fascist actions” reminiscent of the Nazi period.Those accusations came after Germans blocked political rallies in their country aimed at building support for Erdogan’s platform in Turkey’s upcoming constitutional referendum.

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Relations between Turkey and Europe have been tense for decades.

Turkey first applied to the European Economic Community – the European Union’s precursor – in 1987.

In Dutch elections earlier this month, Wilders did not manage to unseat the moderate prime minister, but he did gain new seats in parliament.

Populists still threaten major upsets at elections in France and Germany this year. At the same time, stoking this kind of tension with Europe provides Erdogan with clear domestic political benefits.

A Turkish citizen’s mother whose origin is Armenian requested to register her child at an Armenian kindergarden, but the school responded by asking her to prove she had the “2 code” in order to check that she had not changed religion, according to the document.

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