Dating yorihuzi

Using this apparatus, many kinds of activity, such as horizontal locomotion, climbing the cage lid, hanging on the lid and jumping could be detected efficiently as combined activity counts.

However, grooming or foraging behaviour that occurred in one place was detected less efficiently.

Even after more than 2000 QTLs had been mapped, only 20 were identified as causative genes; this means that (B6-Chr6C), a subconsomic strain B6.

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We previously found that a consomic strain, B6-Chr6C, which carries chromosome 6 of a wild-derived strain MSM/Ms on the genetic background of C57BL/6J, exhibited lower home-cage activity than C57BL/6J.

In the present study, we conducted a composite interval QTL analysis using the F2 mice derived from a cross between C57BL/6J and B6-Chr6C.

Four sets of analyses, namely QTL analysis, subconsomic analysis and two congenic analyses, constitute this study.

These four sets of studies were conducted in different periods, with careful calibration of the test apparatus between all analyses.

This sensor was located above the lid (made of stainless steel wire) of each cage.

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