Chinese dating sites scams

Others said they were swindled out of the deposit they paid for properties and jewelry for their new spouses. For example, between 20, a divorced woman in rural Huainan, East China's Anhui Province, instructed her 14-year-old daughter to marry seven different men seven different times.However, only 25 cases were judged as marriage scams and ruled in the plaintiff's favor. The teenaged bride (with her mother's guidance) swindled 500,000 yuan from the men before finally being exposed by four of her ex-husbands who met online after one man got suspicious and checked his wife's phone. Many cases involve rushed marriage decisions, regretful couples and accusations that are difficult to prove.

The Global Times reporter registered on a local dating site with an authentic China ID, but was still able to easily fake all of her stats, such as education, employment, height and relationship status.

In addition, VIP dating accounts can now be bought on the black market without the user having to provide their ID.

It also says relevant government organizations are pushing ahead with real-name registration for clients on online dating platforms.

After Su's death,, the matchmaking website he used to meet Zhai, released a statement acknowledging that both Su and Zhai were VIP members and that their personal profiles had been "verified."Such VIP services usually target wealthy clients such as Su, who must pay up to 20,000 yuan just for six matches.

Despite paying what the average person might consider a preposterous matchmaking fee, still failed to properly verify Zhai's marital status as a divorcee.

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