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The city and its finds survived the war and the unstable situation that followed miraculously well.

But unfortunately, Hatra’s good luck has come to an end now.

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Inscriptions refer to Hatrene rulers as “king of Arab”, which suggests that Hatra’s territory was known as “Arab”, and that the nomadic population were called “Arabs”.

The Hatrene rulers controlled the nomads that roamed the city’s territory, and, through them, the entire region.

The Parthian period is a fairly unknown era in the history of Mesopotamia and material from Hatra provides unique possibilities for a better understanding of Parthian society, culture, art and religion.

Culturally, Hatra is closest to other famous cities in the Syrian-Mesopotamian desert, such as Palmyra, Edessa and Dura-Europos.

Among the causalities were many statues from Hatra, a pre-Islamic city located about 80 kilometers southwest of modern Mosul, that are reckoned to be prime examples of Parthian art.

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