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Second, there is no way in hell that Joe Gibbs would force Tony to get a gf as a beard, especially one that was MARRIED when they got together. I happen to personally know several drivers and Tony Stewart is the farthest from being gay as one could get. I suppose you also refer to blacks as "you people", also? Oh----Tony IS smoking hot and I am having some VERY naughty thoughts about where he can put his tongue ( see pic in link below! Anyone see Juan Montoya hit the safety truck and set the truck, his car AND the race track on fire? The truck, which holds 200 gallons of jet kerosene, burst into flames. Probably a nice, slow, comfy fuck who likes to snuggle afterwards. They share a ride in the Nationwide series for another team owner, the #38 GREAT CLIPS Chevy. Anyone else think Brad K & Joey Logano will go on the dl? Sure, Brad is the current champ, but the two of them are downright fug! Speaking of ponging-- if Aric Almirola isn't gay, I'll turn in my 'mo card. That arrogant little cunt Joey Fagano is a lucky son of a bitch. He and Den-Den should have kept their lover's quarrel off track. Maybe Summer's Eve or Massingill should be his sponsor.

If Gibbs wanted Tony to beard, I am quite certain that Tony would not have gotten a married woman. •Some 'dancing' partner pairings at Daytona: Like it or not, the two-car draft is a must at Daytona International Speedway and will be a huge storyline in Saturday night's Coke Zero 400. That proves beyond a shadow of a doubt I'm a straight shooter, am I right? The man is a very private individual as are many other drivers. I have good friends who are gay and they certainly do not talk such rubbish about straight people. Were you one of the rednecks who booed Michelle Obama? Now, go back to IVillage like a good little frau, m'kay? Montoya's car slid into the grass, and he gingerly climbed from it as fire trucks rushed to the scene. Plus BRAD drives for KASEY's team in another racing division. Hundreds of manly men getting dirty, greasy and smelly, racing at breakneck speeds against other manly men---no Nellies need a apply! NASCAR is trying to get ALL video of that wreck pulled! Regan Smith even admitted the wreck was HIS fault because he tried to put a block on Brad. I KNOW they were put on because of Bobby Allison's death, but THEY DO NOT WORK!!! So-- what does that asswipe "Moldy Bread" go and fucking do? Yeah--man up and grow some hair on your microscopic balls, Joey, and lets settle this old school style.

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Denny is even worse, and driving for Jesus-freak Gibbs is a serious problem. I really don't believe that article is true about Kahne.

However, the trash that Stewart is dating now just shows how desperate he is to cover.

Interesting have chemistry...though I've wondered if either were aware of that. If Joey Logano doesn't set the gaydar off the chart, NO ONE will. Mikey Waltrip's motorcoach driver, Benito, supposedly had his own gay website w/ naked pics. Gay men have limp wrists and couldn't possibly operate a race car.

Trevor Bayne has missed the last few races because he got bitten by a tick and had Lyme Disease. Jeffy's team mate Jimmie isn't gay, but his CC Chad is even more flamimg then Stewart, if that's possible. One of the reasons Tony Stewart left Gibbs Racing was because Coach knew he was gay. However, TS hooked up with the GF's hot brother--who was a taxidermist (???? And we ALL know that Mikey is one of the gayest gays that ever gayed! His alleged BF is a crew member on Jeff Gordon's team. The crews, officials, PR people in NASCAR are full of gays. No Pings--Juan Pablo Montoya, the afore mentioned Bush bros, Matt Kenseth, Carl Edwards, Ryan Newman, Jeff Burton, Greg Biffle and Kevin Harvick. Back in his early Indy days, Tony "I'm not gay, I have a big boob blond girlfriend, so I'm not gay, ok? Thanks for the help.i can tell you there are a few driver who like guys, cuz i have been with a few drivers and crew members. There was quite a scandal back in May/June that rocked the foundation of the sport. Did Denny and his BF have a tiff over Denny being a baby daddy? Some say that's just a dumb stereotype, but those stereotypes are only offensive when David Letterman makes fun of me being a butch lesbian.

Of course all the Earnhardt fans jumped on Sr's comment, and the rumor pretty much stuck. I knew a girl that dated him a while back who says he is really "big". That comment hit DL within minutes like a major shitstorm. might be gay/bi, it's that photo of him and another guy on a boat.

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