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His Omaha-set debut, In the film’s opening Ruth is arrested by cops who know her face better than their own, and shortly after learns she is pregnant.The promising premise of Ruth’s entrapment within a heated debate between anti-abortion and pro-choice campaign groups, both of whom want to use her as an example, never quite finds its wings.As her trip plays on screen the unnamed woman describes her holiday to her language class in poorly pronounced French, via voiceover. Nebraska(2013): One of the best films of last year and further proof of Payne’s uncanny knack for casting.

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After graduating high school in 1979 Payne majored in both Spanish and History at Stanford University. Looking back this seems a small blip in the smooth trajectory of Payne’s career since.

Although he’s lived abroad in Colombia and Spain, each of Payne’s features to date take place on US turf.

But it was surely worth the wait for this heartstring-tugging tale of Matt King (a cross-cast George Clooney), a father reconnecting with his daughters as his wife lies in a coma.

The casting is fantastic, particularly of Shailene Woodley in her breakout performance as Matt’s rebellious teenage daughter.

Payne was born Constantine Alexander Payne to parents of Greek descent in 1961.

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