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Take Care and Be Well, Michael Hello All, #15 and #35 - Sorry it took me so long to respond but "Yes" it does work for me and works quite well.Please keep in mind that I do not merely save the programs to the external drive (G) instead of the main computer's hard drive (C). Now you don't have to worry that copying one thing will erase something else!

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However, this program is far too basic for my needs.

The install itself doesn't hook into anything (strictly execution-time), so I don't have to uninstall it to try other clipboard enhancers.

And now it's too late to try and activate it properly.

I'll be uninstalling it this morning, since I don't want to get a banner that pops up every time I turn the PC on telling me that it's still stuck in trial mode after it worked fine last night.

With Comfort Lang Switcher, you can switch the language or layout for the recently typed characters; change the case of the selected characters; show the language flag next to the caret.

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